Levinia Crooks Emerging Leader Award

ASHM is proud to announce establishment of The Levinia Crooks Emerging Leader Award. This eponymous award honours the legacy of the late Adjunct Professor Levinia Crooks AM—a leader in public health and ASHM Chief Executive Officer from 1999-2017. An award will be given to recognise the outstanding work of an emerging leader in the field of Viral Hepatitis. The award places importance on fostering emerging leaders to continue to develop leadership that is bold, innovative, inclusive and that inspires collaboration in the sector.

The inaugural awardees will accept their award at the 2018 Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference where they will also deliver a 15-minute oration. The awardee receives conference registration and funding for travel and accommodation.

Members of ASHM are invited to nominate one person for the Award. The nominee does not need to be a member of the organisation and may be from any discipline in BBV and STI (both clinical and non-clinical). Individuals may also self-nominate.

For more information, please see here 

We are delighted to announce the Australian Centre for Hepatitis Virology (ACHV) are providing 2 x registration scholarships. In order to be eligible for this you must:

  • Have an accepted abstract in the program
  • Be a current basic science student or an early career researcher <5 years post-PhD award


Abstract Scholarship Submissions

Conference Scholarship applications will be accepted through the abstract submission site. At this stage there is currently no funding available for scholarships to attend the Viral Hepatitis Conference 2018 and we cannot guarantee that any will be available. If scholarship sponsorship is received we will contact those who have expressed their interest with an application form and details.

Given the demand for scholarships is high, it is strongly recommended you also seek funding from other sources.

Support levels offered:

  • Accommodation for the duration of the conference only and/or
  • Registration for the conference
    Scholarship does NOT include: Transport to/from the conference, airport transfers, visa costs, food, per diems, incidental hotel costs or anything else not listed in the inclusions above

Criteria for requesting a scholarship:

  • MUST have an accepted abstract submission
  • MUST not be receiving funding from another source to attend the conference (Including your employer)

Priority will be given to:

  • Those from an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander background
  • Those from a CALD background
  • Student/Trainees (evidence of current full time study required)
  • Those who work in general practice
  • Those who are not being assisted by their employer to attend the conference

Applicants will be required to undertake the following:

  • Write a short report on the conference and how they will share their knowledge in their workplace, this will be used as a newsletter item. Report required within 7 working days from the conference finishing
  • Give their consent for their photograph to be taken during the conference to appear in the Conference Newsletter or used in similar promotion material produced by ASHM

Please Note: Reimbursements cannot be provided for travel, accommodation or registration, that have been already paid for. We will book and pay for these directly to the supplier on your behalf to fulfil the funding.